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How to Create Instant Invoices
How to Create Instant Invoices
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Send out professional looking invoices in minutes. Our new invoicing tool ‘Instant Invoice’ helps you create quick, easy and highly professional invoices instantly– it is completely FREE and no, you do not have to sign up or have an Oddience account to use it!

Instant Invoice is easy to use, customizable with your logo and mobile-friendly. With this tool, you can add discounts, your business information, client details, taxes and project titles. Best part is, it comes with a built-in calculator to determine percentages (%) for VAT, WHT, commissions and discounts. You also get to bill clients in USD, GBP and NGN.

See for yourself, here’s how easy it is to use.

Get started here, watch our step-by-step guide on how to create an instant invoice.

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