How To Update An Event
Written by Faderera Adekunle
Updated over a week ago

After creating an event, there are a lot of changes that could come up. Oddience has created an avenue for you to add any details that may have been missed. Updating an event is only possible if you have created an event. Let's walk you through the steps.

Login To Your Oddience Account

Go to Oddience's website and fill in your login details. You’ll see your Oddience dashboard with the list of the events you've created.

Select an event

Decide on the event that you wish to update and click “View” which is at the right side of every event box

After clicking on the “view” button, you'll arrive at the event details dashboard. On the top right side on your desktop, you’ll see the “Edit event” option.

Update/Change Your Event Details

You’ll be taken to the “event details” questionnaire. Where you can update/change important details that were previously added. Details like; location, type, price and even the availability time. Click on “continue” when you’re done.

Update Your Client Information

The next page has the “intake form” where you can change the information that will be given to participants. You can add additional questions that will help you know them better.

Update Event

We’re almost done! Click on “Update Event” and you’re ready to go.

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