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How To Reschedule An Appointment
How To Reschedule An Appointment
Written by Faderera Adekunle
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, adult life happens and you end up having conflicting schedules. Rescheduling becomes necessary in such instances. Fortunately, rescheduling an appointment on Oddience is easy and can be done from the comfort of your home, office or on the move. In this article, we will guide you on how to reschedule your appointment and also highlight how your client can reschedule the appointment as well.

Rescheduling Appointments As A Consultant

To reschedule an appointment as a consultant, navigate to the navigation bar and select the "Booking" tab.

Accessing Bookings

Once on the "Booking" tab, you will have access to both upcoming and past bookings. To reschedule an upcoming appointment, click on the "Upcoming" tab and select the relevant booking.

Rescheduling an Appointment

To reschedule an appointment, click on the booking and review its details. Then, select the "Reschedule Booking" option.

Requesting Rescheduling

A pop-up message will appear on your screen, where you will be prompted to provide a reason for the rescheduling request to help your client understand the situation better. Once you have entered the message, you can click the "Yes, Request" button to complete the process.

Client Reschedules

Your client gets an email that you will like to reschedule your upcoming session. It will show the reason why you want to reschedule. Please note that it is free to reschedule.

After clicking on the “Reschedule” button, it will direct them to a page where they can pick a new date and time that works for them from the available slots.

Once they have selected a new time, they will click on “Continue”. Then they will proceed to confirm their newly selected date and time on the back of a “Reschedule Event” page where they can view their booking details. If everything is correct, your client will click on “Confirm Reschedule”.

Please note that rescheduling is not possible an hour before the scheduled meeting. Hence, it's important to reschedule in advance if you have any conflicts with the initial schedule.

Rescheduling As A Client

Sometimes, it's your client who wants to reschedule the appointment and we’ve made this easy by adding a reschedule link to every confirmation email whenever your client books an appointment.

This is what a "Booking Confirmation" email looks like.

If your client wants to reschedule the appointment, they simply need to click on the "Reschedule" option and choose another date and time that works for them. Once they have selected a new time, they can click on “Continue” and then "Confirm Reschedule" to complete the process.


Rescheduling appointments doesn't have to be stressful or time-consuming. With these simple steps, you can reschedule your appointment and help your clients reschedule theirs too. Remember to reschedule in advance to avoid any last-minute confusion, and note that rescheduling is not possible an hour before the scheduled meeting.

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