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How to Create a Recurring Consultation
How to Create a Recurring Consultation
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Recurring consultations allow your clients to book repeat appointments with you at once. For you, this means, you can plan out your meeting schedule weeks ahead and automate the booking process to save time on administrative tasks and speed up your work.

What is a recurring consultation?

A recurring consultation, also known as a recurring event, is a consultation that happens several times or occurs over many appointments at a regular interval. As a consultant or a coach, these types of consultation are used for progress update, mandatory check-in or an event with a fixed frequency.

These types of consultation can be used for;

  1. Therapy sessions

  2. Event coordination

  3. Medical follow-ups

  4. Legal advisory and consultation

  5. Training sessions, and more.

How do I create a recurring consultation on my Oddience website?

Here is a video guide showing you how to create a recurring consultation or event– this applies for 1:1 events, group events, paid as well as free events.

Now that you have this set up.

With this, your clients will register for the consultation and book as many slots as the sessions require.

Client view after clicking the link to book a session for a recurring consultation.

Please note, you can only create five active events on your website at once so ensure to prioritize the most relevant and most recent events.

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