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How Much Do I Pay to Use Oddience?
How Much Do I Pay to Use Oddience?

This covers the breakdown on the fees Oddience charges when you receive payments from clients.

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  • Oddience gives you a free website forever.

  • You don't pay any subscription fees.

  • You can host up to 30 free consultations monthly.

  • With Oddience you don't need Zoom or Google Meet for your meetings, so you can live truly subscription free and only pay when you have paying clients.

Here's What You Pay For



Paid Consultations

5% per transaction


1% per transaction

  • Paid Consultations: For every 1:1 or Group meetings you put a price on, we'll charge 5% on that transaction and Paystack will charge processor fee.

  • Invoicing: When you send an invoice to a client, 1% of the partial or total amount you receive is deducted as our fee.

    1. We do not charge your VAT amount. For example if your invoice sub-total is NGN10,000 and you include a VAT of 7.5% i.e. NGN750, we only charge our fee on your subtotal i.e. 1% of NGN10,000.

    2. Your first 3 invoices every month are free. i.e. When you send invoices every month, the first 3 invoices you send won't be charged an Oddience transaction fee.

The Oddience transaction fee for payments you receive is separate from the fees you are charged by the processor (Paystack).

When you receive payments with no Oddience transaction fee charge, you only pay a processor fee on that transaction.

What are Processor Fees?

We power our payments with Paystack (a Stripe company). Paystack charges 1.5% + 100 for every transaction made in Naira (NGN) or 3.5% + 100 for NGN payments made with non-Naira cards.

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