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How to Create Your Oddience Website
How to Create Your Oddience Website
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There’s never been a more important time to create and utilize opportunities as creatives and consultants as right now. Creating a website is an important step to clearly outlining services you offer and with Oddience, you can create an easily customizable site to showcase services and expertise, create events, take bookings, receive payment all at once and with no coding required!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up your website on Oddience;

1. First, sign in to your Oddience account. If you are a new user, tap the ‘create an account’ text and follow the easy-to-use prompt to create your Oddience account.

2. Tap the navigation bar on the top left and click the ‘Your Website’ icon. This instantly takes you to a customizable page to begin.

Setting up from navigation bar.

Once on the webpage, you are presented with titles that you can edit to best fit your business and service offer. You should set a befitting (and fun) profile photo and name first. This can be your business name or personal name, if that best represents your practice.

Next, tap ‘Add bio’ to create a bio that’s brief, witty, containing key details that are concise and convincing to a prospective client. Think of it as a handshake and an elevator pitch wrapped in one. Your bio introduces you even in your absence and prepares the client for the value exchange.

Add bio at set up.

From there, click the ‘Add social media links’ to attach links to your social pages. Simply click the toggle icon to select a social media platform you would like to add to your Oddience website, paste the corresponding link and save changes.

Link social media pages to your website.

Highlight your professional skills

Adding skills to your website makes it easy for potential clients to understand the problems you can solve for them. To do that, simply tap the ‘Add expertise’ text, search expertise or create a keyword for relevant skills related to your industry. Save changes once you are satisfied with the skills highlighted.

Pro tip: Focus on the top five most relevant skills.

Search or create relevant skills to highlight on your website.

Create a Catalogue Of Events

At the tap of the ‘Edit’ button, you can add an event for clients. Events are a way for you to offer consultations to clients either as 1:1 events for personalized consultations and Group events for workshops, master classes and training sessions. Create up to 5 events on your website where clients can easily book a session with you or sign up for a group event.

All events are customizable, follow the easy to use prompt to set up.

Create and customize events to meet your client needs.

Add Other Links

Additional links for example, a WhatsApp community.

Choose other links you find necessary to include on your website such as a link to a portfolio, digital products like ebooks or a community. Confirm these choices and your Oddience website is ready for use!

Share Your Website

You’ll find the option to share a link to this website at the top of the set up page, select ‘Share’ and a sharable link is copied to your clipboard.

Share the link to your Oddience website with colleagues and clients to start earning from your skills.

Share the link to your Oddience website on socials or via text.

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